Available courses

This course is a study of the book Reclaiming Our Calling, that captures the heart, mind, and hope of education like no other. Through a series of interwoven stories, award-winning educator and principal Brad Gustafson reminds us of what we’ve known all along: Children are more than numbers, and we are called to teach and reach them accordingly. 

Reclaiming Our Calling will empower you to: 

  • Talk about learning that lasts in tangible terms
  • Teach on behalf of the whole learner by tapping into their strengths 
  • Take steps toward meaningful change regardless of your role
  • Understand and lead with the 4 Passions of the Profession and invite others to do the same

Ditch that Textbook Book Study/Course - a five week exploration of author Matt Miller’s book about re-inventing the classroom experience and allowing students to have voice and choice in their learning.  This is a two hour graduate course or 40 professional development points.

Twitter can be a powerful tool for educators whether they use it to connect with their peers or enhance classroom instruction. Twitter can also be intimidating for first time users who don’t fully understand the language, purpose, and culture that have developed around this social media platform. In this journey, teachers will explore the benefits of Twitter for personalized professional development, building connections between classrooms, and identifying experts to inspire the classroom.  

BreakoutEDU is a platform for immersive learning games - ones that teach critical thinking, teamwork, and complex problem solving. These games can be used in all content areas. Prepare yourself for a fun, immersive game experience you can use in your classroom. It is time for something different.

As educators we must remember our sense of childlike wonder, the immense human need to be valued and noticed, and ability to be creatively inspired and in turn inspire others. In this course teachers will examine the seven practices that will make them a better leader and identify personal roadblocks that prevent them from giving students the best education possible.

Seven Practices: Clear vision, Courage, Own up to failures, Innovation as the norm - take risks, Lean on others & ask for help, Give credit & allow others to shine and Lifelong learner